Perrierberet at Occupy Wall Street

An experiment in rural journalism

Additional Testimonials

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Blake Ross is a young woman from Portland, Ore. who has been at Zuccotti Park since the beginning of Occupy Wall Street. A self-described anarchist, Ross has a unique vision for where how she would like the movement to dramatically change American society. Much has been said about the role of anarchism in the occupation, most of it without any input from those who identify with the political philosophy.

With fire-hose arms and a thick New Yorker accent, Volunteer Fireman Paul Isaac embodies a distinct flavor of his hometown in Zuccotti Square. Still living under the shadow of 9/11 and working as he said “any job that pays”, he voiced frustration towards a political system which he said has been quick to forget the sacrifices of first responders and other emergency workers who suffered injuries and gave their lives ten years ago. Zuccotti Park served as a staging area for the disaster. Now it has become a platform for addressing a new national emergency, he said.

*Testimonials are edited to ensure clarity and relevance.

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Written by Zach E.J. Williams

October 23, 2011 at 6:24 am

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